Our Process

What is Dustless Abrasive Blasting?


Dustless abrasive blasting is the most innovative surface preparation process today. We use a combination of compressed air, water and blast media so only a fraction of the amount of blast media is required when compared to dry blasting. We can adjust our process which gives greater control and precision over the entire blast process. 

Why use Dustless Abrasive Blasting?


  1. Fast effective results
  2. Create no friction..so no heat and no warping
  3. Little to no dust compared to traditional sand blasting
  4. Uses 100% recycled materials so it is better for the environment
  5. Leaves a properly prepared surface for re-coating

What can be Dustless Abrasive Blasted?


Anything metal can be Dustless blasted!

  • Automotive restoration, i.e. frames, body parts, etc.
  • Boat Bottom Paint Removal
  • Heavy equipment and industrial machines
  • Removes Graffiti
  • Brick paint removal
  • Foundation paint removal